“Immune Rebalancing with Cord Blood Cells”

Greetings from CEO

Aiming to be the global leader in Cellular Immunotherapy

IMMUNIQUE is a R&D company developing solutions for intractable diseases such as autoimmune disorders and solid tumors utilizing immune cells (regulatory-T and NK cells) derived from the cord blood.

The name IMMUNIQUE is derived from the combination of IMMUNE and UNIQUE, reflecting our vision to become a unique company in the field of cellular immunotherapy. IMMUNIQUE’s corporate color is ‘purple’ and it symbolizes our mission to become the leader in the ‘blue-ocean’ of cellular immunotherapeutics starting from the exceedingly competitive, ‘red ocean’ of cellular therapeutics industry which exists today.

Umbilical cord blood, the source of IMMUNIQUE’s cellular immunotherapeutics, is comprised of the most primitive cells compared to the cells obtained from the bone marrow or peripheral blood, possessing unparallel proliferative capacity and immunological properties. IMMUNIQUE’s unique technology will enhance the potential of cord blood-derived immune cells even furthers.

In particular, IMMUNIQUE will leverage on its parent company MEIDPOST’s successful commercialization experience and track-record in cell therapeutics development which will enable IMMUNIQUE to progress swiftly to the clinical development phase and leap into becoming the global leader in cellular immunotherapy.

IMMUNIQUE promises to become a company contributing to the well-being and happiness of everyone through our cutting-edge R&D and commercialization efforts.

Young-Ho Lee M.D. Ph.D.

Advisory Board Members

Yoonsun Yang

Board Chair

· M.D. Ph.D.
· College of Medicine, Seoul National University
· Current President & CEO at MEDIPOST, Co., Ltd.

Wonil Oh

Board Chair

· M.D. Ph.D.
· College of Medicine, Seoul National University
· Current Executive VP of R&D Center at MEDIPOST, Co., Ltd.

Chan-bum Choi

Board Chair

· M.D. Ph.D.
· Professor, Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, Hanyang University Medical Center

Hojun Lim

Board Chair

· M.D. Ph.D.
· Professor, Pediatrics, Seoul Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine
· Chair of Histiocyte society, The Korean Society of Hematology

Ngaire Elwood

Board Chair

· Ph.D.
· Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Pediatrics, University of Melbourne, Australia
· Chair of BMDI Australian public cord blood banks

Satoshi Takahashi

Board Chair

· M.D. Ph.D.
· Professor, hematology, University of Tokyo, Japan


To develop unique cellular immunotherapeutics to overcome intractable conditions through modulating the patient’s immune-system

◎ To develop unique cellular immunotherapeutics utilizing cord blood for the global markets
◎ To overcome intractable conditions through modulation of the immune system
◎ To tackle the challenges of restoring the immune system for the healthy lives of everyone

Competitive Advantage of IMMUNIQUE’s R&D

Immune cells derived from cord blood are much more primitive and immature than the immune cells derived from the peripheral blood. Armed with robust capability to suppress the immune system, cord blood-derived immune cells can survive longer when administered into the blood stream. IMMUNIQUE’s pipeline is based on advanced cellular materials sourced from cord blood while sharing the development cycle and commercialization experience from the parent company – MEDIPOST. This unique combination will allow efficient development of highly competitive and efficient cellular immunotherapeutics on the global markets.